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Taking ‘Baby Steps’ to Reach Your Goals


Oleh : Nadhira Bt Mat Nashim

Ask any famous person that had achieved greatness, what they’d done that was different?

They would tell you they made their goals realistic and took action. The rest is history. Napoleon Hill stated “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe , it can achieve.” He used a positive mental attitude and the use of small, realistic steps to achieve greatness. He went from a poor beginning in a log cabin to one of the best selling authors and an advisor to congressmen, presidents and so on.

The best thing you can do is to find a mentor and surround yourself with positive achievers and realize that it will take a lot of efforts. Lance Armstrong didn’t win the Tour de France 6 times by accidence and battle cancer at the same time. He was driven, set goals, and took action on a daily basis. He also realized greatness would not happen overnight.

So how to become perfectionists:
1- By having a goal in life.
2- A strong willpower.
3- Patience.
4- Knowledge and expertise, or seeking the assistance of the experts.

The great story of Muhammad Al-Fateh which was the Conqueror of Constantinople. The Muslims had been trying to conquer the city for over 800 years, through 10 attempts. The first by our master Othman Bin Affan, the second and third by Moawia Bin Abi Sufian, the fourth by Sulaiman Bin Abdul-Malik and the fifth by Haroun Al-Rashid.

Until Muhammad Al-Fateh was born. When he was ten years old, his teacher has been installing that dream in him. In his childhood, he used to be too playful and carefree, and being the son of the King, he did not feel any sense of responsibility.

So his teacher once beat him strongly and told him: ‘Be a man!’… ‘Not being a man’ hurt Muhammad and he straightened up at those words!

Later, he memorized the Holy Qur’an completely. He mastered 5 languages; Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Latin and old Greek. He also studied; Astronomy, Geography and History. Then his teacher told him the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w: “Verily, Constantinople shall be conquered, its commander shall be the best commander ever and his army shall be the best army ever”.

He used to say of himself:

‘I have a heart as hard as a rock that will neither rest nor soften until I achieve what I want!’

How would it be if we were all like this? If we were who realized our goals and dreams?

And they did conquer the city! When asking about his capabilities and how he managed the conquest, he replied: ‘I have two traits :1) a heart as hard as a rock that would not rest until I achieve what I want. 2) a tearful Eye out of fear of Allah. So how can I NOT achieve victory.

With goal in life, strong willpower, patient with all the obstacles and by having knowledge and expertise, we can achieve greatness in our life. Wake Up Muslims!


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